Why Choose AME?

AME has been designed and developed by people with vast experience in both IT and Manufacturing areas. Such a fusion helps to ensure that the software solves the most common pain points of a manufacturing enterprises, at the same time staying convenient enough for a regular user.


Instant Overview

AME provides an instant overview of all the ongoing processes in your company which helps you to take immediate actions in order to ensure continuos operation and timely deliveries.

Aim to cut spending

Initially the software was designed to identify and cut unnecessary spendings, along with optimizing the costs for other operations. Therefore, you would get tangible results quite quickly.

Ease of use

Unlike other software products for manufacturing enterprises, AME provides a smooth user experience which means that there won't be any additional administrative overhead necessary to use it.

How the project progression in AME looks like


New project is added to AME and divided into appropriate stages, from preparation to finishing. For each of the stages, the planned norms are set and added to the schedule.


Every day, as workers peform their duties, they, or a specially assigned person, enter the corresponding data to AME. This process has been simplified as much as possible so even a person without any particular computer skills could easily perform this.


A manager, assigned to this project, could see its progression on a Gantt chart and compare planned progression to an actual one. This way it is easy to spot if any of the planned stages runs behind schedule and take appropriate measures to ensure timely delivery.


At the final stage, a manager completes the project by preparing the delivery notes and, if necessary, issuing a final invoice. The project is now finished and it is time to analyze its progression in order to improve the next one.

Discover Features

There are many different features that AME provides. Here, we list the most popular ones that do not require a thorough explanation. For complete list of all the features, kindly get in touch with us.


We know how hard it could be to find whatever you need for the price that you are willing to pay. This is especially true in regards of complex enterprise software, which is often being provided as a solid monolith, with plenty of unnecessary features, that you still have to pay for.
That is why we take an absolutely different approach with AME. Briefly, we give you an opportunity to select and pay only for those features, that you really need. This way we make sure that the price doesn't go through the roof and our software stays affordable.
Kindly let us know that you have a general interest in implementing AME at your enterprise. We'll get in touch and discuss all the possible challenges that AME might solve for you, giving a detailed explanation on every one of its features, along with the particular price offer.
We make sure that using AME will pay off in no time.

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For all inquiries regarding AME kindly get in touch with us using an email info@ame.ee

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